Welcome to a lady's new bestfriend! Put simply, this website is a North Queensland based trade directory that you can trust. Through customer feedback and referrals, all companies listed on our website are rated via our unique ‘lipstick rating’ system.

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Lady Needs a Tradie in Cairns has been running in Cairns for 12 months. The website features over 100 tradies.

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Lady Needs a Tradie’s Townsville website is an exiting new addition allowing ladies of Townsville to find reliable tradies

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About Us

Welcome to Lady Needs a Tradie...

...a lady’s new bestfriend! Put simply, this website is a Cairns based trade directory that has been designed to help you find a tradesperson or company that you can trust. We like to call it "Our little black book of tradies"!!

Through customer feedback and referrals all companies that are on our website are rated via our unique ‘lipstick rating’ system which takes into account a range of criteria from prompt and reliable service to clean and tidy…factor’s that, let’s be honest, we all regard highly!

There are two ways to utilise the trades directory. They are:

  1. Request that we facilitate the selection process of a tradesperson/company for you via our "Contact Us” section on the right hand side of every main page or the "Contact Us" section at the top right of the Home page; OR
  2. Simply select a Tradie Category from our Tradies page that matches your need i.e. Plumber and read through our individual tradies listings and choose one for yourself.

Either way, rest assured that you are using a service that you can trust.

Lady Needs a Tradie also has a handy Tips section which has some great information for DIY around the home...from basics such as "How to change the washer in your tap to stop it from leaking" to " How to create a fantastic vegie garden in the smallest of spaces" and so much more...


Why this website was created...

Lady Need a Tradie Company Profile
Lady Needs a Tradie is the brainchild of me, Simone Roos (nee Fielding), combined with the infinite wisdom of my girlfriends and of course, the only way that we come up with this said wisdom, our “creativity juice”, WINE!!

Being the daughter of a plumber who owned and operated a successful plumbing business in Cairns for more than 15 years and having a partner that is heavily involved in the construction industry, I am lucky to have a network of reputable tradies that I can call on whenever I need a job done. Unfortunately, not all my girlfriends have partners or men in their lives that were blessed with the "handyman gene" and will call on me for a tradie referral when they need a job done around the house.

I have often pondered on the thought "what would happen if I had to choose a tradesperson out of of the phonebook?" "How would I know that they are reliable, value for money, have great customer service, are clean and tidy and are going to turn up when they say they are going to?" I put this question to my girlfriends one night after a few glasses of our "creativity juice" and boy... did the horror stories start to flow!

"I was ripped off"..."You should have seen the state they left my house in"..."They said they would be there Tuesday and didn't arrive till Thursday week after numerous phone calls" and loads more...sound familiar!?

After 12 months at the drawing board and with the know how of Richard at RJ New Designs and his "sure no worries attitude" (which I am sure at times he wanted to tell me to fob off when I came to him after another "creativity" session with what I thought were WONDERFUL ideas), my dream of getting Lady Needs a Tradie up and running has been realised.

As this website is going to be a constant work in progress, I welcome your feedback about how it works for you and what tips/hints you would like to see etc as our aim is to have a tool that you can rely on for all things "tradie", whether it be for help around the home, at the office or even with your car!



For more information about our service or if you are a tradesperson wanting to become a part of this GREAT new Cairns trade directory website - please feel free to give me a call on 0403 303 863 or click here to contact me via email.


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